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Depression, luck and silver linings - hifranc
Depression, luck and silver linings
It's amazing how fiction can help you see things that you've forgotten. One of the webcomics I read is Think Before You Think. It follows the lives and loves of a group of people centred around Brian, who just happens to be a mind reader. In Monday's episode, a depressed young woman waits for Brian to talk to her. One of the other readers commented that it's amazing how a wait is a major issue when one is down but just an opportunity to relax when one is feeling positive.

That comment reminded me of Richard Wiseman's studies on luck.[1] I posted a reply mentioning that but my curiosity had been aroused. Amazon's Look Inside feature hit me with another revelation!

If you look at the book there's a questionnaire to check your "luck profile". The first one is "I sometimes chat to strangers when queuing in a supermarket or bank". I remember that I used to be like that! Sometimes I still am. Somewhere along the lines I lost sight of my youthful optimism.

I was thinking of buying it for a friend because I have a feeling she would like it. After all her blog is optimistic. Maybe I should I buy myself a copy? Maybe, because I was once an optimist, I am drawn to optimists?

[1] I first heard about the study in an interview he gave on Radio 4's Start the Week. In it that interview he talked about how he asked "lucky" and "unlucky" people how thought they would react if they were caught up in a bank robbery. The people who see themselves as lucky could see the silver lining in that situation.

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