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Loss of iPod - hifranc
Loss of iPod
I did not fully realise how much my iPod meant to me until it died a few weeks ago. I used my iPod to listen to podcasts. If I wanted to listen to the news from Canada, or a media show from New Zealand, it was easy -- a few clicks of my mouse and it was added to a playlist I created for podcasts. I could keep up with the news as I shopped, did housework or travelled.

Now, I'm restricted to using a normal radio (it's an old mobile phone that happens to have a radio built in), which means that I'm restricted to the stations that are broadcast over the air in my region. Furthermore, it's not time shifted so I have to listen at the time the programme is broadcast. Another problem is that it's not always possible to get a signal (for example: in most shops and whilst underground).

I did think of listening to podcasts at my computer but that did not sit well with me. Whilst I'm at the computer, I tend to be busy doing things and, most of the times that I feel ready for something to listen to, the last place I want to be is next to the computer.

It's amazing how technology moves on and how we come to depend on new innovations. Before I received my iPod I considered radio, with all its restrictions, normal. However, now that I have enjoyed podcasts for over 5 years, radio feels antiquated.

I have found new things to listen to but I now feel that I do not have the same easy access to a breadth of information that I had before.

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