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June 27th, 2016 - hifranc
Most of my life I forget that I'm not white. Racism doesn't really exist in the adult world in the UK (at least in my experience). Growing up in Britain, I did face bullying and racism when I was a child but that's not been a problem (apart from isolated incidents) since the age of 13/14. So most of my life I've not thought about my skin colour. I'm just me.

However, the Brexit campaign pandered to racists in the country. The fact that that camp won has made begin to feel afraid in my own country. I'm keeping in mind that my skin tone is not white so I may be attacked when I'm just going about my business.

The murder of Jo Cox didn't help. On the plus side, that case is being treated properly by the justice system so we're not at Krystallnacht yet but I can't shake the feeling that that's the path we're on. The documentary Five Steps to Tyranny keeps playing in my head.

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