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In a recent broadcast of In Touch (which I get on my podcast) the covered devices to aid blind and partially sighted.

In the programme they mentioned something called the Trekker Breeze. I thought that that would make a good present for Julie. According to the podcast, they also market something called the iPal, which can read books out and is portable. When I re-read the transcript of the programme (see link above) I found out that it was £1,650!

After my first reading of the transcript I went looking for Humanware's website and found it. However, I couldn't find the iPal (went looking for it after my first reading of the transcript) but found their ScannaR. After realising that I couldn't afford the iPal I sent an e-mail (OK, I also left a message on their answerphone before I found their e-mail address) to ask the price of the Trekker Breeze and the ScannaR.

It turns out that the Trekker Breeze is almost £500 and the ScannaR is £1,650. However, it doesn't match the description of the device (the iPal) on the programme. Further research shows that the programme was talking about the Zoom-Ex.

It looks like all these devices are out of my price range so I'm going to have to think of something else to get Julie for Christmas.

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